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Our Tax Lawyers in Maryland Solve Tax Problems and Protect Assets Nationwide.

STS Tax Law represents taxpayers nationwide, resolving tax problems before the IRS and state.  As attorneys with advanced tax law degrees, we use our legal knowledge, litigation experience, and negotiating skills to craft a fitting solution to solve serious tax problems.  From the beginning of a tax problem until its successful conclusion, STS Tax Law attorneys of Maryland are tough and tenacious. 

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STS Tax Law is dedicated to one focused mission - solving your tax problems and protecting your assets.  Our Maryland based tax attorneys are former business executives and entrepreneurs.  In addition to legal experience, we know what it means to run a business and be part of a busy family.  We don't impose cookie-cutter legal solutions; we design solid strategies with each clients' needs in mind.

Firm FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Help
Tax problems are stressful enough, but figuring out who to get help from to solve your back tax debt creates more stress and raises a lot of questions.  Though our Tax Lawyers are located in Maryland, we have put together answers for taxpayers across the nation to the most Frequently Asked Questions about getting help to solve your problems.

Legal Fees
Clients who have tax problems suffer from financial stress.  To be part of the solution and not part of the problem, we have done our best to offer our services at affordable and manageable rates.  We are upfront about what we charge and the value we give you - solving your tax problems, protecting your assets, and improving your life.
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