Extended Payment Plans:  Installment Agreements

Stop IRS Collection And Seizure Action.  Pay Back Taxes Over Time.

For those who cannot pay their back taxes all at once, an Installment Agreement gives taxpayers the option to make monthly payments over several years.  In addition to the extra time to pay, you benefit from needed breathing room.  With an Installment Agreement in place, the IRS holds off from taking enforced collection action.  You will be safe from a bank levy or having your paycheck taken by the IRS, so long as you file your taxes on time and pay what you owe.  The IRS may still file a Federal Tax Lien, and interest and penalties continue to accrue.

Negotiating Installment Agreements with the IRS is tough.  The IRS demands to be paid as quickly as possible.  IRS regulations and rules are complicated and can be used against you.  Unprotected from the IRS, many taxpayers end up paying more than they can afford, creating financial and personal stress.  If you cannot make the monthly payments and end up defaulting, the IRS resumes enforced collection action, levying on your bank account and taking your paycheck. 

Because it’s difficult to negotiate a reasonable Installment Agreement with the IRS and so much is at stake, it’s crucial to secure the services of a tax attorney with the knowledge and experience to set up an affordable payment plan.   

STS Tax Law helps negotiate a monthly payment plan that fits your finances and will not be a burden.  Even if you don't qualify for an Installment Agreement, other solutions may resolve your back tax debt problem, such as an Offer in Compromise or being placed by the IRS in a non-collectible status. 

To speak with a qualified, experienced tax attorney and find the best solution for your tax problems, call STS Tax Law at 1-800-TAX(829)-6183 or complete our Contact Form.  Call today to get the lowest possible payment plan with the IRS or State.

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