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Tough situations cause many people to stumble.  Whether it’s illness, divorce, a failed business, many people like you have failed to file a tax return.  Once the fear of going to jail sets in or confusion about how to re-enter the system becomes overwhelming, a second, third, and fourth return don’t get filed.  Before you know it, several years have gone by and real trouble with the IRS awaits you.

STS tax attorneys help non-filers re-enter the system and work hard to eliminate criminal prosecution or being sent to jail.  In all the years of practicing law, none of our clients has EVER confronted a criminal prosecution or a jail sentence.

Failing to file tax returns is one of the most dangerous situations a taxpayer can face.  It’s important to file your tax returns, and not just to avoid being sent to jail.  Without filing tax returns, you cannot benefit from a reduced settlement (Offer in Compromise) or pay over time (Installment Agreement) or discharge your taxes in bankruptcy (Bankruptcy Discharge).  Without filing tax returns, the IRS can pursue you as long as you live, even collecting from your estate, because the Statute of Limitations time clock won’t begin to run. Learn more about different solutions for back tax debt.

You don’t have to bear this problem alone! Make the call today that can get your life back on track!

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