Audit Success Strategies

Don't Become An IRS Victim!  Survive – Even Win – An Audit! 

STS Tax Law attorneys protect individuals and businesses during an IRS or state audit from becoming another victim.  

You can survive, even win, an audit with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive tax attorney. 

On our Audit Attack page, we describe in detail the danger of facing highly-trained government officials who often incorrectly assess large amounts of additional tax.  Your best defense is a tax attorney for three reasons:  1)  A tax attorney ensures that all your information stays confidential because of the Attorney-Client Privilege, which is not the case if another professional represents you.  2) Armed with all your legal rights, a tax attorney gives you total protection from the beginning of the process until its satisfactory conclusion, including court trials.  3) When you face an audit, a tax attorney offers you the skills of negotiation and advocacy to protect you from overzealous auditors.

When STS Tax Law attorneys handle an audit, we bring our knowledge of the law and negotiating experience to the table to protect you.  Here are some strategies we use to ensure success:

Set the Ground Rules
We establish where the auditor will work, ensuring that he or she sees only the information they’re entitled to.  Working respectfully and professionally, we control the situation so that only those issues demanded are examined.  We take the time we need to build an effective defense, carefully delivering required information and no more.

We Speak For You
To make sure the IRS auditor doesn’t turn a casual conversation against you, we handle all communications.  We make sure document requests are in writing to give us the time to best defend you.  We have experience handling rude and abusive auditors, using their attitude to your advantage.

We Master The Law To Better Protect You

STS tax attorneys have earned advanced law degrees in tax law.  Armed with that knowledge and years of experience, we make sure the IRS applies the law correctly.  We leave no stone unturned in challenging the IRS.  Tax auditors make mistakes, big ones.  Sometimes they refuse to listen to reason, requiring a tough advocate to turn them around.

We Fight Until The End
When the auditor finishes, the IRS sends an Examination Report, summarizing the auditor’s conclusions and what you owe.  STS tax attorneys review and dispute those findings that are not correct.  We negotiate for time and press to work out a favorable agreement.

Even though audits strike fear into the heart of the bravest taxpayers, a tax attorney can help you win this uphill battle.

Make sure you have the right representation – an STS Tax Law attorney.  

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