IRS Audit Attack

STS Tax Law attorneys protect individuals and businesses during an IRS or state audit.  When you face an income, employment, or sales tax audit, highly-trained government officials examine your returns and records in detail to ensure you have paid the "right" amount of tax.  Because the tax laws are very complicated and subject to different interpretations, often times auditors incorrectly assess large amounts of additional tax.  Once the IRS inflates the amount of taxes owed, the number you owe skyrockets because of added penalties and interest.  Critics of the IRS assert that the government uses examinations as another means to increase tax revenues.

That’s why it is crucial to engage an experienced tax attorney to manage your audit.  Tax attorneys are indispensable for compelling reasons: 

  • Attorney-Client Privilege.  Only attorneys can protect their clients with the Attorney-Client Privilege.  When an attorney represents you, the government cannot force him to testify against you in a criminal trial.  No matter what an attorney learns while representing you stays confidential.  Without the Attorney-Client privilege, a CPA, tax preparer, or enrolled agent can be forced to testify against you.
  • Total Protection.  Only tax attorneys can protect you using all your legal rights.  Tax attorneys can represent you from the beginning stages of an audit through IRS appeals and on to the courts, if that becomes necessary.  For those taxpayers who must resort to bankruptcy to solve their problems, they're best off hiring an experienced attorney.  It’s important to learn about all your legal options at the outset and craft an appropriate strategy, not after the fact when it’s too late.
  • Aggressive Advocates On Your Side.  Attorneys are trained and experienced in the art of negotiation.  A competent tax attorney can protect you from incompetent, rude auditors, controlling the information the auditor accesses.  Our job is to attain the best possible outcome, ensuring that you pay the right tax and not a penny more.  We do it aggressively and respectfully.

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