Lose At Audit?  Win At Appeals!

Audits are scary, unpleasant experiences, because the IRS often hands the taxpayer a huge bill to pay.  Asserting appeal rights gives you the chance to cut the bill down to size.

IRS statistics reveal that more than 80% of taxpayers who file appeals get their tax bills reduced. The average settlement produces a 40% reduction. 

STS Tax Law attorneys take advantage of the benefits of going to Appeals to reduce the amount owed and protect your assets.  Appeals Officers work independently of auditors.  Their mission is to resolve cases through review of the audit and negotiation.  Tax attorneys become invaluable at this juncture, arguing the legal merits of a case and advocating for their client.  We even help the Appeals Officer meet his goal of closing a case quickly and efficiently by presenting the best possible defense of the taxpayer to an official willing to listen.

If you are part of the 20% who cannot reach an agreement with the Appeals Officer, you can appeal your case to one of three courts.  Most people select the U.S. Tax Court, because you don’t have to pay the tax before appealing.  A tax attorney, experienced in litigation, becomes an indispensible ally, arguing your case before a judge.

The Appeals process at the IRS and on to Tax Court offers the advantage of delaying the date of payment; although, penalties and interest continue to accrue.  This delay gives you the opportunity to consult with a competent tax attorney to find a solution to pay the back tax debt.

If you face an audit or a huge tax bill you didn't expect - call us for help.  Put a powerful ally on your side!  
STS Tax Law attorneys have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to make a strong case.  Call 1-800-TAX(829)-6183 or fill out the Contact Form.
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