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How could we live without "irony?"  Irony brings a smile to our faces and reassures our sense of right and wrong. Irony is the incongruity between what is expected to be and what actually is.

A cardiologist who's overweight, has high blood pressure, and never exercises...and ends up with a heart attack - that's irony.  Wikileaks founder,  Julian Assange, who sues over the leak of his medical records and police file - that's irony.  The office colleague who always procrastinates and then complains when no one shows up on time to his meeting - that's irony.

Here's Tax Resolution Irony:  In July 2010, "nationally recognized" (read instead as PR firm self-puffery) attorney Roni Deutch of California, aka the "Tax Lady," issued a news article warning consumers about dishonest tactics used by some tax relief companies to take advantage of taxpayers dealing with IRS back tax problems.

Remember what Gomer Pyle used to say:  "Surprise, Surprise!"  Less than one month later, the California Attorney General filed a $34 million lawsuit against Deutch and accused her firm of misleading consumers by falsely promising to reduce tax debts to the IRS.  The Attorney General alleged that the firm takes large, up-front payments with little or no help in reducing tax bills. 

Deutch allegedly spends $3 million a year on advertising, using false testimonies from clients who claim her firm saved them thousands of dollars in tax debts.  Three clients who appear in one advertisement still owe the IRS the full amount of their taxes plus interest and penalties, alleged the Attorney General.  As part of their sales tactics, the Attorney General said that telephone representatives claim a 99 percent success rate in dealing with the IRS.  In reality, the firm reduces only 10 percent of its clients' tax bills. (To read the Complaint, click here.)

Moral of this ironic story: ethical tax attorneys lawyer the old-fashioned way, one client at a time.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to delivering quality legal services.
Roni Deutch 'Tax Irony Lady'

What will she be selling next?

"Wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge?"

Murray Singerman, JD, LLM


Self-dubbed "Tax Knight," Murray Singerman writes in defense of the "humble citizen," often beaten down by the IRS and state taxing authorities.  Enjoy his short ruminations about the ever-changing area of tax controversy law.  Written with accountants in mind, Murray offers useful info and a chuckle to make your day a bit more enjoyable.


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