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You're Not The Only Good Person Struggling with Tax Problems.

It is counter-productive to blame yourself for back tax debt.  Although it is crucial to deal with tax problems and resolve them before they destroy your financial life, it does not help to feel guilty and depressed.  We recognize that tough situations cause many people to stumble.  Whether it’s illness, divorce, or a failed business, life's challenges often cause good people to experience tax problems.  At STS Tax Law, we believe in and work hard to create a better future for our clients. We view back tax debt as a problem to solve, a temporary stumbling block that can be removed, so that the path ahead is smooth and easily traveled. Fight The IRS. Fight back now before it’s too late!  The IRS can turn your life into a nightmare by seizing your bank accounts, your wages, all your property, without ever going to court.  To protect yourself and your family from the devastating weaponry of the IRS, put the full power of the law on your side.  A tax lawyer is the only professional who can defend you using all the protections afforded by our legal system.  Stop the intimidating notices and telephone calls.  End the sleepless nights.  Solve your tax problem.  Put a tax lawyer in your corner to fight off the IRS. Call Now. If you feel overwhelmed, confused, worried, or under siege, call today.  No matter where you live in the United States, we help get your life back on track.  We solve tax problems nationwide. Learn more about our nationwide services. As tax lawyers, we answer the hard questions and develop the best possible strategy to resolve your tax problems.  A fresh start awaits you.  Call 1-800-TAX (829)-6183 or complete our Contact Form now!

Expertise. Experience. Results.
The attorneys at STS Tax Law focus exclusively on solving tax problems and protecting assets.  With twenty-five years experience in tax law and business, our lawyers have successfully:

  • negotiated settlements for a fraction of what was owed
  • stopped the IRS from seizing paychecks, bank accounts, homes and businesses
  • removed property liens that destroy credit
  • obtained affordable extended payment agreements
  • convinced the IRS to forgive penalties and interest
  • defended taxpayers in IRS Audits and Appeals
  • defeated the IRS in the U.S. bankruptcy and tax courts

Don’t let the IRS pummel you.  Let our experience and expertise work for you.

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To learn more about how to solve tax problems, please check out our Client Corner. Also make sure you read about different Tax Solutions.  Download our FREE guides: "Tax Resolution Secrets For A Fresh Start" and "Straight Talk About Solving Tax Problems", invaluable information for solving back tax debt.

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